On the trail of Childe Hassam

Hal weeks

Courtesy of the North Caroline Museum of Art.

I’m a marine biologist, and came to Appledore Island and Shoals Marine Laboratory as a Cornell graduate student to conduct my field research. I’ve no background or training in art, and even less talent. As a student, I studied rocky tidepools around the island as sites for the threespine stickleback (a small yet highly significant fish – the only fish to help someone win the Nobel prize) to reproduce and for their offspring to grow. Over several summers of data collection in the early to mid 1980s, I became very familiar with Appledore’s tidepools – and the complex rocks holding them. Read more

“How Do You Sea Poetry?” at PEM/PM!

A small handful of items related to Celia Thaxter and the Isles of Shoals.

Regular readers of Conversant might remember our previous posts about American poet Celia Thaxter.  In anticipation of the opening of the new exhibition American Impressionist: Childe Hassam and the Isles of Shoals, we featured Thaxter’s love of gardening on Appledore Island, her work as an artist and poet, and her connection to Hassam. With the spirit of Thaxter and Hassam’s collaborative friendship in the back of our minds, we’ll be showcasing an activity we’re calling “How Do You Sea Poetry?”  that blends Thaxter’s work with Hassam’s paintings at the upcoming PEM/PM: Summer Breeze on July 21st. Read more