Student Visit Reservation Form

Students at Stickwork taking photos

Student Visit Reservation Form

Reservations for guided and self-guided visits are required at least three weeks in advance of your visit. Fill out this form to start the process for your school or youth tour reservation at PEM. You can also fax it to School Services at 978-745-7550.

Please note: Student tour slots for fall 2015 are nearly sold out. The remaining spots are primarily for groups with 30 students or fewer. Complete the online reservation form below to add your school to the waiting list. We encourage you to book now for winter/spring. Tours for larger groups are available beginning January 2016.

Self-guided visits are still available for fall 2015 at select times for groups of 45 students or fewer in grade 6 and above. Self-guided visits require reservations and must be planned in collaboration with PEM staff.

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* Tell us about your class! What are your students studying and why have you chosen this PEM lesson?

* What is your primary goal for this visit?

Are there any special accommodations we can provide?