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Meet Ryan White, our first Maker Lounge resident!

Ryan White has transformed the Maker Lounge into a design process laboratory to research and gather feedback from potential users of wearable technologies, which include Google Glass, Fitbits, contact lenses that measure insulin levels, bike helmets that have light-up turn signals or smart watches. We hope you'll share your ideas about wearables anytime on the Brainstorming Wall or when White is on hand.

Check back here for more information about White's schedule and to learn about upcoming residents.

White grew up on the North Shore and earned a degree in industrial design from Wentworth Institute of Technology. Most recently, he has been working on a wearables technology product launch for a New England–based startup. He has enjoyed success designing and developing products such as stomach staplers, laser welders, coffee makers, toothbrushes and toys. As the lead industrial designer for a technology products company in Palo Alto, Calif., White accumulated more than 40 patents and 24 industry awards. For Beyond Productions, producers of Discovery Channel's MythBusters, he consulted, developing concepts and storyboards and acting as a build advisor for a new TV show.


Experience a dynamic new space at PEM

The Maker Lounge is dedicated to creativity and innovation through hands-on exploration with technology, materials and ideas. It builds on PEM's tradition of bringing together new and inspiring objects from around the world and celebrating creative expression through human ingenuity.

Tackle a design challenge or tinker with all kinds of materials from circuits to cardboard saws. New programs are being developed for teens and adults including monthly 3-D printing workshops, demonstrations by visiting artists, scientists, engineers and other creatives -- including collaborators from MIT Media Lab, for example -- and cool maker programs for teens. Both energizing and relaxing, the space includes ambient music, iPads and universal phone chargers.

Stop by, hang out and let your creativity fly.

The Maker Lounge is open during regular museum hours and for select special events and public programs.

Photo above: © Kathy Tarantola, Peabody Essex Museum