Sea Life, 2002

Sally Dillon

In Nature's Company

On view October 9, 2004 to September 18, 2005

Located in the: Art & Nature Center

The natural world has been an inspiration for artists throughout time. In Nature's Company explores this connection, drawing on the work of more than 20 Massachusetts artists for whom nature is a rich source of creativity and subject matter.

The exhibition features a wide variety of works including paintings, photography, sculpture, furniture, and quilts. Through these works, the artists reflect on their own experiences and interpretations of nature. Sandy Litchfield uses nature walks as inspiration for her fascinating, layered paintings, which blend digital images, oils, and watercolors. Judy Kensley McKie’s brass Monkey Chair combines whimsy and functionality. Sally Dillon reflects the vibrant colors and wonders found in the ocean in her quilt Sea Life. Steve Hollinger’s Bat uses sunlight and heat to make a bat skeleton move in its glass case. Some works echo the vital forces of nature, while others convey the fragility and delicate balance of the natural environment.

The Art & NatureCenter

The Art & Nature Center is an innovative space for families and K?6 school groups featuring dynamic, interactive displays and activity stations that highlight the connections between art and nature. Rotating theme-based installations and an exploration zone celebrate this region’s unique natural heritage while referencing the global influences nature has had on artists, art, and culture.

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Made possible by American Dental Partners



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