Model of the Taj Mahal

Unidentified chinese artist
stone, agate, marble
H: 51.00 cm, W: 63.00 cm, D: 63.00 cm

Gift of Mr. Charles J. Prince

Accession Number: E14280

19th century, India.

Taj Mahal, The Building of a Legend

On view October 15, 2005 to July 23, 2006

Located in the: Special Exhibition Galleries

Celebrated throughout the world for its beauty and for the tragic love story that inspired its construction, the Taj Mahal is an internationally recognized landmark of India. Yet few people know much more about it than that a great Indian ruler built it as a tomb for his beloved wife. Taj Mahal, the Building of a Legend features approximately 40 paintings, watercolors, photographs and objects exploring the architecture and mystique of this remarkable site. Additionally, a contemporary sculpture by the Calcutta-born, Brooklyn-based artist Rina Banerjee will be on view in the museum’s Atrium from mid October until mid February. Entitled Take me, Take me, Take me . . . to the Palace of Love, the piece is a 19 foot high “building” in the form of the Taj Mahal. The steel frame wrapped in pink plastic wrap evokes a view of India through rose-tinted glasses--a view that characterized the colonial British presence in India.

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