William Wegman. Platform Shoes, 2008

Beyond Human: Artist–Animal Collaborations

On view October 19, 2013 to September 7, 2014

Located in the: Art & Nature Center

Beyond Human: ArtistAnimal Collaborations features nearly 40 paintings, installations, photographs and audio and video recordings by artists who co-create or investigate art with live animals. From William Wegman's iconic photography of his Weimaraners to Mary Jo McConnell's paintings of elaborate bowerbird displays and Julia Oldham's interpretative insect dances, Beyond Human reveals the varied ways in which contemporary artists interface with animals to create original and surprising works of art. Come and explore the nature of creativity, interact with live critters and be a part of the creative process.

Beyond Human features works by the following artists: Julie Andreyev, Hilary Berseth, Catherine Chalmers, Emil Fiore, Mark Fischer, Ryan Hackett, Steven R. Kutcher, Mary Jo McConnell, Alex Melamid and Vitaly Komar, Jim Nollman, Julia Oldham, Christine Peter, Daniel Ranalli, Ken Rinaldo, Corinna Schnitt, William Wegman, Yukinori Yanagi, and Amy Youngs. 

Support provided by the East India Marine Associates of the Peabody Essex Museum. 




William Wegman. Platform Shoes, 2008

William Wegman. Platform Shoes, 2008

In God We Trust, 1999

In God We Trust, 1999

Yukinori Yanagi


Colored sand, plastic box, plastic tube and plastic pipe

17 x 40 ½ inches

Courtesy of Miyake Fine Art


Bumble Beetles (from "American Cockroach - Imposters" series), 2004

Bumble Beetles (from "American Cockroach - Imposters" series), 2004

Catherine Chalmers.


45 x 30 inches

Courtesy of the artist.

Snail Drawing: Spiral Start #9, 1995 - 2009

Snail Drawing: Spiral Start #9, 1995 - 2009

Daniel Ranalli. Courtesy of the artist and Gallery Kayafas.

Sunrise No. 1, 2004

Sunrise No. 1, 2004

Steven R. Kutcher. Courtesy of the artist.

Noppakhao #087, 2012

Noppakhao #087, 2012

Painting done by an elephant. Courtesy of the Asian Elephant Art & Conservation Project founded by conceptual artists Vitaly Komar and Alex Melamid. www.elephantart.com

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