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Videos : Maritime

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FreePort [No.004]: 'Shipbreaking'
Peabody Essex Museum, 2012

Filmmaker Peter Hutton and model maker Michael Wall discuss the inspiration for Shipbreaking, a one-of-a-kind ship model created for FreePort [no.004]. The model reflects the ship salvaging activities seen in Peter Hutton's 2007 film  At Sea. This model and Peter Hutton's film are on view in PEM's Putnam Gallery through June 30, 2012.

FreePort [No.004]: Peter Hutton's 'Two Rivers'
Peabody Essex Museum, 2011

Peter Hutton's first contribution to FreePort no.004 is Two Rivers. Seen for the first time in public in a dual-screen presentation, Two Rivers takes us on two simultaneous voyages- the Hudson River in New York and the Yangtze River in China.

Behind The Scenes: William Rush Figurehead Conservation
Peabody Essex Museum, 2008
Behind The Scenes: The Art of Conservation
The Golden Age of Dutch Seascapes PEM, 2009

Conservator Theresa Carmichael is restoring an 18th-century Dutch painting from PEM’s collection in the Golden Age of Dutch Seascapes Galleries on Wednesdays and Fridays through September 7.