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Animation 101: Artist Pell Osborn and PEM Kids
Peabody Essex Museum, October 2010

EIMA families and friends came together on October 3, 2010 for an afternoon of illusion and exploration in the Art and Nature Center's exhibition, Eye Spy, Playing with Perception. See the incredible animation video they created that day!



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Opening Day, Eye Spy: Michael Macaulay's "Undiscovered."
Peabody Essex Museum, 2010

To celebrate the opening day of Eye Spy, Playing with Perception, exhibition artist Michael Macaulay created a chalk mural on the floor of PEM's Atrium. As delighted visitors looked on, Macaulay's mural, Undiscovered, transforms from a simple black backdrop into three dimensional fun.

Artist Profile: Ron Labbe, Eye Spy Featured Artist
Peabody Essex Museum, 2010

Ron Labbe, one of the featured artists in Eye Spy, creates stereoscopic art and photography. See a range of historic and contemporary 3-D imagery as Labbe shares fascinating facts about 3-D and how it works.

Artist Profile: Heidi Aishman
Trash Menagerie PEM, 2009

Trash Menagerie artist Heidi Aishman creates playful animal images out of recycled and used makeup. Watch as she draws and paints a guinea pig using mascara, nail polish, foundation and blush. Her I’m So Beautiful series portrays the animals typically used for cosmetic testing.

Behind the Scenes: Down By The Sea!
Trash Menagerie PEM, 2009

PEM hosted "Down by the Sea!" at Dead Horse Beach in Salem in conjunction with the exhibition Trash Menagerie. More than 75 adults and kids helped environmental artist Kyle Browne create a giant sea turtle sculpture using found natural materials and beach debris. The July 11, 2009, event doubled as a beach cleanup - all the trash was later deposited in trash and recycling bins.

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