Tracing a Line


Members $45, nonmembers $55, students $25, children $25

Saturday, May 25, 2013 at 8pm

Reservations by May 22

Location: Atrium

Tracing a Line

Tracing a Line follows a single melody - from Johann Sebastian Bach's cantata BWV 60 - as it is reimagined across the centuries. The Encounters Ensemble orchestra performs selections from Johann Rudolph Ahle's four-part folk chorale, Alban Berg's violin concerto "To the memory of an angel," Samuel Beckett's short play Nacht und Träume and a new orchestra piece composed by Matthew Aucoin, conductor, poet and creator of this special program. Tracing a Line incorporates elements of theater, architecture, visual art and instrumental and vocal music from the 17th through the 21st centuries to create a new work of art at PEM. Combining literary, theatrical, choral and orchestral elements, Tracing a Line seeks to upend classical music performance conventions and provide a platform for direct interface between artist and audience. This singular performance, conceived by PEM's new Composer-in-Residence Matt Aucoin and his two collaborators Victoria Crutchfield (director) and Keir GoGwilt (first violinist), follows a single melody through time.

Aucoin, PEM's Composer-in-Residence, is a 2012 graduate of Harvard College and an assistant conductor at the Metropolitan Opera. His next opera is being commissioned by the American Repertory Theater. Another performance from Aucoin is scheduled for PEM in the fall.


Doors Open at 7:15pm


The Concert is SOLD OUT

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