Sensational India!

Weekend Festival

Included with museum admission

Saturday, April 10, 2010 from 10:30am - 7:30pm

Location: Atrium

Sensational India!

Join us for a weekend celebration inspired by the music, dance, art and cuisine of southeast Asia. Films, art activities, storytelling and more

Rangoli (floor decorating) | 10 am–noon | Outside Main Museum Entrance (weather permitting). With Vidhya Kalyanaraman
Henna Decoration | 10 am–noon | Atrium.
Madhubani (folk) Painting | 11 am–4 pm | Atrium. With Sunanda Sahay
Rangoli | 1–3 pm | Atrium
Bangles | 1–4 pm | Atrium
Kite-making Workshop | 10:30–11:30 am & 1–2 pm | Art Studios. With Seaside Kites
Clay Lamps | 3–4:30 pm | Art Studios

Yoga in Philosophy and Practice | 10:30 am–noon | East India Marine Hall

Align your mind and body through the time-tested tradition of yogic contemplation and practice. All ages and levels welcome. Dress comfortably and bring your own yoga mat. Reservations by April 8.


Extraordinary Women from Popular Indian Stories | 11 am and 3 pm | Atrium


Textiles and Fashion | 11 am–noon | Morse Auditorium

Shelley Chhabra, a designer and bridal fashion consultant, talks about the sari's importance of India. She also discusses the history of the sari and relates it to other cultural forms such as the kimono. Reservations by April 8.


Simply Sweet Indian Desserts | 11 am–noon | Bartlett Gallery

Chef Shruti Mehta returns to PEM, this time to prepare an array of easy-to-make sweets you won't find in restaurants — Shreekhand (yogurt fat mixed with sugar, cardamom and nuts), Laapsi (bulger, sugar and clarified butter) and Falooda (a cold drink of rose syrup, boiled noodles and ice cream). Mehta demonstrates how to integrate fruits and dairy ingredients into Indian cuisine.


Natya Dance Theatre | noon and 4 pm | Atrium

Chicago-based Natya Dance Theatre presents excerpts of its signature work Shakti Chakra (The Cycle of Energy), a philosophical take on the cyclical nature of life through the classical medium of Bharatanatyam, and Margam (Path), a work that explores a soul’s journey in life as a friend, a young lover and a spiritual entity.


Style Yourself with Saris | 2–4 pm | Atrium

Designer Shelley Chhabra and her staff display various styles of saris and demonstrate a variety of draping techniques so you can try on one of the gowns and model it on our runway. See related presentation at 11 am.


Step Inside the Story | 1–1:45 pm | Atrium

Discover a contemporary approach to Bharatanatyam, the classical Indian dance style. Learn the warm-up sessions using yoga postures and basic rhythmic foot patterns along with hand gestures, eye movements and poses.

Natya in Conversation | 2:30–3:30 pm | Morse Auditorium

Join Susan Bean, curator of South Asian and Korean art, and Krithika Rajagopalan, principal dancer of Natya in a conversation that highlights thematic treatments of universal value through Bharatanatyam dance. Reservations by April 8.


Shakespeare Wallah | 5–7:15 pm | Morse Auditorium | 1965, 120 minutes, directed by James Ivory

As a troupe of English actors performs Shakespeare throughout India, we see the country evolve: Maharajas become hotel owners, sports  become more important than culture and the theater is replaced by Bollywood movies. Reservations by April 8. Director James Ivory presents a lecture on Sunday.


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